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  • NO Entry Fee
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  • SIMPLE Consignment Agreement
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Dear Friends,
     Thank you for your interest in consigning with Bator International. Our hassle free consignment structure is very simple. Our commissions are based on the sale price of the motorcycle, starting as low as 10% and we'll handle all of the details for you. 

   Your motorcycle or motorcycles can stay with you or we can have them on site here at our facility in Ojai, CA. We ask for a 120 day exclusive agreement so if the motorcycle does sell within that time period, be it to one of our clients or your neighbor next door, we will receive our fees for our services.

   We advertise on our website, as well as a number of others around the world, where we are set up as featured dealers and over our social media network such as Facebook, YouTube and others. This media exposure will allow your motorcycles the maximum opportunity to retrieve the best return on your investment.

   If the motorcycles are to stay with you, we will request a complete photo file of the bike and a full description. The motorcycle(s) must also have clear titles "preferably in your name" or proof of ownership if the motorcycle is designated an antique and never had a title generated. If the motorcycle travels to us, we will take all photos, write the description and also generate a video for our YouTube channel. If the motorcycle does not sell within the 120 day term, you can decide to end our services with no charge to you, or decide to re-up for another term.

   As an alternative, we also buy motorcycles for our inventory. If you would prefer to forgo the consignment process and sell you motorcycle(s) to us directly, please send us a full set of images as well as any past history on the bikes and also the price you are willing to accept for a wholesale purchase.

   If you have any questions reguarding any of the above, or would like to discuss your motorcycles, please feel free to contact us any time.

Best regards,
Glenn Bator

We may be contacted in any of the following ways:
E-MAIL us at       TEL / FAX: 805-646-9566       CELL: 805-798-1802